Tassili Travail Aérien, Algeria’s leader in aerial work, offers its customers and partners a complete range of aerial work services.


Today, TTA provides transport for small teams and cab flights for VIP customers, delegations and groups of personnel up to 19 passengers.

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TTA provides the oil and gas industry with an emergency air medical transport service, using fully-equipped aircraft, for cases requiring transfer to hospitals in major northern cities. This phase is a preamble to the creation of an organic synergy with the health and civil protection sector, aimed at providing emergency transport with medical accompaniment, covering the entire national territory (airplanes and helicopters).


Panoramic aerial photography can be used to cover very large areas, often several kilometers in length, restoring the visible panorama of large expanses of land. This is done for the production of films or documentaries, or for topographic surveys for various sectors: railroads, freeways, water transfers, gas pipelines, etc….

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In collaboration with our customers, we provide the resources and proven experience needed for aerial surveillance of industrial facilities and monitoring of the various transport vectors: electricity, gas and oil.

They trust us


Tassili Travail Aérien operates to international standards (BARS, IOGP, IOSA, ...).


Our aircraft are maintained by highly qualified technicians

Air safety

A complete set of human and material resources deployed to guarantee your safety


TTA is resolutely committed to working alongside the public authorities in a joint mission to efficiently counter fire outbreaks, by operating an airlift specifically designed for preliminary attack operations.

Our aircrafts are distinguished by their ability to respond quickly and efficiently, which is crucial to containing flames before they reach an uncontrollable level.

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and aerial spraying

Agricultural treatment aircraft maximize the efficiency of operations by covering fields quickly, reducing the time needed for treatments. Their agility and speed improve farm productivity and profitability.

Our aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art systems to ensure precise spreading, avoiding over- and under-dosing, optimizing crop health and reducing waste.

Washing insulators
of high and extra-high voltage lines

With its range of helicopters, TTA meets the needs of customers specializing in electricity distribution to use this means to wash insulators located on high-voltage and extra-high-voltage power lines that are inaccessible by conventional means.

This innovative method ensures the reliability of power grids, while contributing to more efficient resource management and a more reliable electricity future.

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Helicopter surveying is a major technological advance in the field of cartography and topography. It offers unrivalled precision, time and cost savings, access to difficult areas, safety and environmental sustainability. By opting for this innovative method, you are investing in more accurate, faster and more environmentally-friendly surveying.