Travail aérien

TTA, a state-owned airline specializing in aerial work, affiliated to the SONATRACH Group


Since its commissioning and the issue of its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) by the Agence Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ANAC), TTA has unquestionably emerged as the predominant leader in the Algerian aerial work market.

TTA continues to expand its customer base and diversify its services, while remaining scrupulously compliant with national regulations, standards and practices recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). TTA remains constantly committed to excellence in quality and safety, conforming to international standards set by organizations such as BARS, IOGP, IOSA, ISO.

In addition to the charter fleet, TTA currently has a sizeable fleet to meet the needs of its customers. It operates a maintenance center in Hassi Messaoud in line with international standards, having obtained approval from the Algerian civil aviation authority.

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Our mission

Tassili Travail Aérien’s mission is to satisfy its customers’ needs. Thanks to an essentially young team with a strong passion for aerial work, combined with effective and efficient use of resources, TTA has been able to translate its quality credos into attentive and permanent attention to its customers’ expectations, while responding favorably to the regulatory imperatives of its profession.

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Business area
of Tassili
Travail Aérien

In line with national and international legislation governing the air transport sector, Tassili Travail Aérien (TTA) has segmented its business into two major areas, each comprising services that it already provides, or that are in line with demand and market trends.


  • Transport of staff in the oil and gas sector,
  • Transport of delegations from the oil and gas sector (TAXI and VIP),
  • EVASAN (Sanitary evacuation),
  • Helicopter surveillance of industrial facilities,
  • Washing of insulators on HV and EHV power lines, thermography and visual inspections


  • Fighting forest fires.
  • Agricultural spreading.
  • Helicopter topographic surveys and 3D modeling using “laser” satellites,
  • Aerial shots, documentaries, commercials, film, …
  • Phytosanitary treatment by air,
  • Search and rescue,
  • Transport of mortal remains.

BARS member

TTA officially joined the BARS (Basic Aviation Risk Standard) program of the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) in 2023.

This integration bears witness to our unwavering commitment to aviation safety, and our determination to strive for operational excellence by adopting best practices in risk management.

The BARS program is recognized as a benchmark in the aviation industry, and is used by many airlines to assess and improve their safety performance.

By joining the BARS program, TTA will have access to a set of guidelines and protocols that will enable it to strengthen its safety culture, identify potential areas for improvement and take the necessary steps to remedy them.

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Tassili Travail Aérien operates to international standards (BARS, IOGP, IOSA, ...).


Our aircraft are maintained by highly qualified technicians

Air safety

A complete set of human and material resources deployed to guarantee your safety

A rich journey

Long before it went into operation in April 2014, when it was first an idea and then a project, TTA’s itinerary to this day reflects the passion, self-sacrifice and tenacity of a young team hell-bent on success.

Despite the tribulations it has experienced, this time with success and hard work has enabled TTA to merit the position of Algerian LEADER in the aerial work business.

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Our vision

Tassili travail aérien, consolidating its position as Algeria’s leading aerial work company, plans to offer its services in the near future in countries around the Mediterranean basin and in Africa.

They trust us